This is going to be dangerous.

Lead, grow, and prosper with a market-driven business strategy.

We are bona fide problem solvers, opportunity creators, and business makers who help you see challenges through a different lens. We’re all about imagining ideas, and turning them into reality.

Come join us, before lunch.

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Who we are, and what we know

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David Allen Ibsen is a growth strategist and an executive advisor, working with both emerging companies, and established brands at times of change. He is expert at go-to-market plans. positioning strategy, executive coaching, leading leadership off-sites, storytelling, brand building, identifying and articulating company culture/DNA, staff/organizational change, marketing, and audience segmentation.

By viewing challenges with an experienced, outside lens, David solves problems and accelerates change when it is time to scale and grow, while searching for investment, at product or company launch, and when the need arises to pivot in the marketplace. 

For over 25 years, David Allen Ibsen has been a brand and business strategist, working with some of the world's leading organizations to address issues of positioning, pricing, products, staff and culture, distribution and marketing. He has worked with both established brands such as Lexus, Microsoft, Xerox, Ziff-Davis, Autodesk, Re/Code, Macromedia and c|net, as well as emerging companies like Fitbit, Blurb, bloomspot, Method, True Ventires, and hundreds more.

David has spent the last 18 years building a successful strategic consultancy, working with over 175 clients in a variety of industries to "solve problems and accelerate change."

In addition to his consulting practice, David writes a nationally recognized blog titled FIVE THOT (formerly "5 Blogs Before Lunch") which was acknowledged as the Best Business Blog by the prestigious Webby Awards in 2006 and 2009. David has also been recognized by the International Academy of the Visual Arts as a W3 Gold Award winner. David is often asked to speak boldly (and on a stage) on the topics of branding, marketing, advertising, social media and blogging.

Over 100 brands served

  • Lexus
  • Microsoft
  • Autodesk
  • Hyundai
  • SGI
  • Macromedia
  • Blurb
  • Photobucket
  • CNET
  • FitBit
  • True Ventures
  • Federated Media
  • Personify
  • HOT Studio
  • Lookbooks

We have a track record of success with over 100 clients

We work with Fortune 100's seeking to pivot or grow in the market, and emerging companies at inception, launch, and scale. Whether it's a start-up or a global brand, we’ve worked to build, re-focus, re-align and re-position scores of consumer and consumer technology brands. We work with individuals, small teams and large organizations.

Let's have a conversation

We'd love to hear from you. Let us know if you're up for something dangerous.

This is going to be dangerous

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Change can be scary, but lack-of-change can be disasterous.

5 Meetings Before Lunch takes a consultative approach to developing market-driven business strategies that affect significant marketplace change. We are creative, pragmatic optimists who work with emerging companies, and established brands.

When opportunity knocks, a chance for success occurs.

We help companies lead, grow and prosper by seeing opportunities through a different lens. Having spent the last 25 years helping over 100 organizations navigate the inherent opportunities and risks associated with innovative market shifts and business growth, we know a pothole from a pot of gold.

Walking through fire shouldn’t have to hurt.

Once we identify opportunities for change, we help businesses walk through the fire of evolutionary or revolutionary shifts. We don’t believe in giving advice and running out of the room before you notice that somebody has left a steaming turd on the table. Whether working with an established brand, or an emerging company—we know a thing or two about how and when to innovate, and when and how to disrupt.

Make change in order to lead, grow and prosper.

5 Meetings Before Lunch works with leaders who want to advance great ideas and catalyze change within their organizations. We tackle your challenges directly, without a lot of sugarcoating, to identify the best path to success. We examine opportunity through different lenses; we filter concepts and strategies down to the most important and relevant; and we build effective plans and programs that deliver superior results.

What we do won’t hurt you

Knowing a thing or two about a thing or two allows us to confidently walk you through change.

5 Meetings Before Lunch approaches business strategy and plans from a market-centric viewpoint that includes collaborative idea generation, cross-functional interaction and process-driven creative thinking. We start by asking the tough questions. These can range from validation of a perceived market opportunity, to questioning the alignment between business objectives and available resources. From there, we add our own expertise, research and perspective, while working with your team to develop and roll out detailed operational plans. Let us walk you through change.

  • Audience

    We do a deep-dive into understanding your audiences, and segmenting key targets and uncovering their needs, behaviors, and desires.
  • Company

    We uncover and articulate what you're all about. We call this your Cultural Soul. It needs to ooze out of your products, be in your sales and growth strategy, and be clearly seen by your customers and their influencers.
  • Market

    We develop go-to-market business plans and market disruption strategies including product, pricing, revenue, culture, acquisition, sales, and marketing strategies.
  • Marketing

    We create strategies and programs around the three “A’s” of customer development and management (Awareness, Acquisition, and Advocacy), including messaging for launch, fundraising, and marketplace change. We create plans and strategies, then help identify and manage needed resources.
  • Strategic

    We are expert in developing unique and relevant value propositions, positioning statements and core values. (Yes, there is a difference)
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